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Minecraft Workshop Extravaganza!

Over 400 Workshop Spaces per day!

The workshop planning is well underway with a large number of Minecraft Educators, Mentors and Innovators collaborating to provide the best workshop experience for your children. These include the world famous Dragnoz, Joel Mills (iLearningUK), Kay Gibson (Pure-Imaginations) and Jospeh Hammond (Immersive Minds)

New to the Nethermined stage!

We have local developer Coatsink bringing their recently launched, very popular game, Shu, to the event. This will be played live by Youtubers and also lucky selected members of the audience who would like the chance to challenge the Youtubers! You can check out Shu here!

Introducing the LAN area

We have 20 PC’s set aside as a LAN area, where kids can play Minecraft. This area is hosted by Club Minecraft.

Club Minecraft hosts Minecraft LAN parties and is a great place for kids to meet and play with each other and learn from one another.

Club Minecraft offers arguably the best Minecraft player experience in the UK. Parents & children are encouraged to utilise this amazing resource!

Club Minecraft’s on-site servers are completely private, and are not accessible outside the local network created for each event. This is important because public servers often have inappropriate language and/or malicious persons.

Club Minecraft also follows an open creative policy and allows kids to gain extensive modification and powerful control in game, along with a multi-world feature where players can choose from different worlds, and game types, to play in depending on what they want to do. Built by a team of passionate gamers and experienced technicians, the Club Minecraft event servers and network uses high quality memory, power supplies, and enterprise-class gigabit network equipment, for a better quality, lag-free, gaming experience. Players are free to build, play, and explore in custom maps no player will ever see online. Featuring unique structures, tasks and mini-games built by the staff, Club Minecraft game servers are constantly evolving. When your child makes something cool, it’s saved on the servers and then shared through the website and the Facebook page.

Puzzles – test your memory with our mazes

Creative – take part in one of our build challenges

Parkour – be challenged by jumping puzzles

Redstone – programmable tiles allow for myriad possibilities.

Although there are many versions of Minecraft, the most exciting and flexible play happens on a PC/Mac version which Club Minecraft encourage.

However, in addition, a lot of customisation is possible in the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions of Minecraft, both of which are also catered for at the Club Minecraft events.

Club Minecraft will be running a LAN area where 20 PCs will be available for you to enjoy all that Minecraft has to offer.

Club Minecraft will be running some exclusive Minecraft servers on the days, including Parkor challenge, King of the Hill and an Elytra Challenge.

The PCs are made available on a time limit basis, and cannot be booked in advance.



Nethermined is back for its 3rd installment and it’s going to be better than ever!

Back in March 2016 Nethermined hosted its 2nd event in Newcastle and had a few new additions to the event. Parental education was introduced bringing a new parent area where you could talk to experts in online safety and also see live panels about keeping your children safe online. Due to the popular demand, we are bringing it back, and expanding our parents area. We also saw the introduction of our unique Minecraft workshops, where children could learn some interesting things about the game and also learn some key life skills along the way. We are currently in talks with the companies involved to see if we can increase the number of PC’s available for our workshops. We will also be trying to improve our booking system and timetable for these workshops. More information about the workshops will be released in due course.

At Nethermined 3 you can also find an increased number of Special Guests around the venue, they will be there to put on live shows and host interactive sessions on our 2 stages throughout the day. They will gladly stop and say hello to you and take pictures if you ask them, there will also be plenty of opportunities for signings at the event. We are also bringing out a new ticket for Nethermined 3, we will be releasing our new VIP tickets, this will enable you to have some extra time with the YouTubers before the event opens the doors to the public.  You can find them here

Also new to Nethermined 3, is our new Press Pass applications. This gives reporters and press alike the opportunity to come along to our event and do what they do best! We consider all kinds of press, from YouTubers, Radio, TV, Newspapers and bloggers. Interested? all you have to do is fill out our quick and easy application form and if accepted, one of our members of staff will be in contact to let you know.